Tax Tips For Individuals In St. Petersburg – How To Spot An IRS Scam

Being alert is especially important in late spring and early summer as tax bills and refunds arrive. Yet, criminals are working year round to find new ways to scam taxpayers! Lately, there has been an increase of scams related to phishing emails and telephone calls. There are two new tax scams related to social security numbers and another involving a fictitious tax bill.

The SSN Scheme
The scammer threatens to cancel or suspend your social security number. They may also mention overdue taxes. Both are an attempt to have victims return their robocall voicemails.

The Fake Tax Agency
The fake agency is the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement”. THIS IS NOT REAL! This scheme involves a mailed letter to the taxpayer threatening an IRS lien or levy based on bogus taxes due to this fake agency. In most cases, the letter mentions the IRS in an attempt to confuse the victim and appear legitimate.

If you receive any type of call or mail and are unsure, you can access your tax account information online at or call 800-829-1040. Here is a link to the IRS’s website to read more.

If you still have questions or need more tax tips for individuals in St. Petersburg, contact Elevate Accounting Solutions, LLCfor a free consultation. You can rely on our expert knowledge to help you find peace of mind and avoid a scam!