Tax Preparation for Businesses and Individuals in St. Petersburg and Tampa

Elevate Accounting Solutions are experts in tax preparation for businesses and individuals. As a small business or an individual filing, you may be tempted to think that you don’t need to hire an accountant. Perhaps you think you can’t afford one, or you think you’re fine handling it on your own. In the long run…

A good accountant can save you time. As a business owner or someone running a household, your time is valuable. You have a schedule to keep and perhaps you can’t dedicate the hours or days it might require to fill out all of the forms involved with doing your taxes. What about the time to triple check everything was filled out correctly, and on time? Keep your routine and let Elevate Accounting Solutions handle the messy paperwork and worry about the deadlines. 

A good accountant can save you money. Tax code varies from state to state and often changes. Failing to turn in your tax forms on time or filled out correctly can lead to unwelcomed fees or missed tax breaks. An accountant will be up to date in current tax laws. They’ll save you hit to your bottom line and make sure you get the correct bill to the government. 

A good accountant can save you headache. Having an accountant to dot your I’s and cross your T’s will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your taxes were filed correctly. Your accountant is looking at your taxes objectively. They review your business removed of any emotional attachment and make excellent sounding boards. They’ll identify and fix problems before they begin to snowball into serious impacts to your finances. Ultimately, hiring an accountant is an excellent way to help grow your business.

Let Elevate Accounting Solutions help you with the following tax services:

Tax Preparation

-Individual & Business Tax Returns

-Tangible Tax Returns 

-Other State Returns

-Gift Tax Return

-Sales Tax Returns

-Payroll Tax Returns


Tax Planning

-Tax Savings Advice

-Tax Withholding Estimates

-Quarterly Estimates

Tax Problems

-Non-Filed Returns

-IRS Payment Plans

-IRS Transcripts